Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been a bit of a waiting game while all the pieces fell into place, but "Home" now has a new address.  We signed papers on Thursday and took possession Saturday afternoon.  It'll be a slow move... "oozing" over I like to say.  The bulk of it will appear tomorrow... with bits and pieces filling in the rest of the week.
The place is typical of vintage Moberly homes.  Built in 1925 with only a couple of owners, it's similar to the house Suzi grew up in, two stories with a stone facade.  My joy?  It has a two-bay garage.  We've never had a proper garage before.

A little coolness factor:  Next door and across the street and around the block are all MACC staff.  We're our own little College Community down here.


For awhile it's been where the heart is... now it's a little something more substantial.

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