Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five Guys

So... quite awhile ago, I saw a clip of Pres. Obama heading out of the White House to pick up some Five Guys for lunch with Brian Williams.  First, it was a totally cool vignette, but it also triggered the thought, "If he goes out for Five Guys... how good can it be?"  There's not a location near here so I figured next time I was local in a decent urban area I'd track 'em down.

Then Street Talk in the Trib mentioned there'd be, not one, but TWO locations coming to Columbia this year... imagine!  The gumption it takes to drop two brand new stores into an unknown market.  I'm assuming they'd done the research... Columbia pulls a lot of folks into MU, Stephens, etc... but two locations?

So on a recent Monday night I went shopping... and I have to admit, the fashion industry doesn't like to make clothes my body fits into.  Let's just say that thin jeans will never show up on my real estate.  That also means that once I've left the store, it's usually out of frustration... Hence the reason I would definitely be craving some serious comfort food by closing time.

And that's the mood that found me as I ambled up to the Stadium Shoppes Five Guys... a little depressed and starving!  The line was wrapped around to the door at 8PM.  I perused the menu and munched peanuts.  And waited.  I decided to go light.  A Small Bacon Cheeseburger, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauteed onions, Regular Fries & a Coke.  I ordered, went to the bathroom, got my drink.  And waited.  30 minutes after entering the store I sat down to review my quest.

The fries, I assume, are cut on location from the bags of Idaho spuds in the bags stacked around the lobby.  They're greasy, but tasty... And there's mounds of 'em!  I broke open the burger... it seemed larger than I expected... hmmm... but why are jalapenos on it...and where's my bacon?  Sure enough... a half hour wait and a wrong order.
Folks, I wasn't going back through the gauntlet to let 'em get it right.  Although if the manager-guy, who was light-heartedly engaged in conversation with some influential patron several tables over, had stopped by, I'd certainly sent him back for a new one.  I peeled off the gunk, ate what I could and packed up the rest for leftovers.  Which included enough fries for a family pack.

The ticket?  10 bucks.  Yes... for a small bacon/cheese, fries & a drink... fast food in Columbia has gone all big city lights on us.

Was it good?  Sure.  Totally tasty.  Would I make a habit of it?  Probably not.  I will say this... if Obama wants to spot me some tax money for another shot at Five Guys, I'll take him up on it... as long as he's buying.

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Scott said...

I also had a less-than-awesome experience on my first visit there. I complained via email, and received a response a half-day later that included the phrase, "Bring in this email for a free meal." So, I did. And the manager not only comp-ed me my meal, but the meals of those in my party having lunch with me. They may have a few bugs to work out, but they certainly are doing the right thing with respect to customer service, which impressed me. Of course, at $10 for a burger and fries, they can certainly afford to do so.