Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Things Thursday

We're presently living in temporary quarters in JFK's Terminal 2.  I'd like to say we're here for a short time, but so far we're pushing 5 hours.  With a 9" snow predicted for New York, I'd like to leave tonight, rather than extend my stay.  Although I have to say that life in our humble space between 8 seats across from the Terminal 4 Shuttle at gate 19 is pleasant for the most part.  There's a Starbucks on the corner and a Wendy's around the block.  The good folks at Delta have installed a wonderful kid's playland that also doubles as a carry-on control device.  We have a large front yard, but traffic can be heavy depending on incoming flights or elderly folks whisking from one gate to another in the beeper car.

Cooper is making friends at every turn.  But that seems to be his forte... I'm consistently amazed at his love for people; kids especially.  He hasn't quite mastered the concept of personal space.  This means he lovingly chest-bumps any new kid he meets and will probably add a deafening screech in to emphasize his enduring friendship.  Cooper thinks any child in his size/height range is the best friend he's had in his whole life.  (This may also include his reflection in any mirror or darkened glass.)

On the flight from Prague, we were a bit apprehensive.  He's mobile and daring.  He's conquered escalators and moving sidewalks.  He's got balance and style to spare.  We only had two seats in economy.  We needed a bounce house.  I considered making a blanket apology after the safety announcement.   

"On behalf of 11 month-olds everywhere, I would like to offer my sincere apology for whatever may issue forth from row 29.  To the the bald guy in row 28, you should've worn a hat.  Thank you."

But he did great.  He charmed the socks off the flight attendants, getting us extra drinks and ice cream (on the off-chance he was into dairy products... he's not, but we sure are).  The grandparents in front of us thought he was krásný.

He missed a nap when the duty-free cart went noisily by, but we worked through it later after the second snack time.  Cooper's currently conked out in his stroller, though I'm not sure how considering flight 65-something to Seattle is delayed due to a late crew and we needed to know that info at the approximate volume of a Mick Jagger arena howl. 

Guess this is what a studio apartment feels like in the Big Apple!

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