Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ceska zbrojovka

Some of you may remember when I purchased a pistol last year.  Since then I've looked for a polymer frame piece to go with my all-metal Hi-Power.  I still wanted that tactical style pistol that I could put a laser or tac-light onto.  

In my research, I ran across CZUB and found my next piece.  Originating in the Czech Republic, the CZUB brand has been around since the 30s and is responsible for the CZ-75, probably the most widely used sidearm in communist nations.  While hidden behind the Iron Curtain, the 75 wasn't available to the western world and developed a bit of mystique as a result.  Having a gun designed and built in the Old Country where Suzi's family still lives would be an absolute bonus.

Today CZUB is privatized and has shed its state-mandated production of tractor parts and aircraft engines to focus on creating solid firearms for hunting, competition and law enforcement/ military markets.  Ironically, since 1998, the US subsidiary is based in Kansas City, MO... just a quick hop down I-70.

While here in Prague, I dragged Jaromir & Suzi to visit the CZUB gunshop, located in an unassuming building just across from the main train station.  Walking through the front doors drops you into a world of forest-green field jackets, tactical gear & German hunting hats.  Around the cash desk and through a set of massive steel doors takes you into a gun nut's paradise.  I've been to the store twice.  Both times I'm nearly breathless when I walk into the vault.  The beauty of the intricately engraved rifles in elaborate displays contrasts sharply with the heavy, black pistols of the vaunted 75 lineup stacked along one wall.

My choice walking in the door was the SP-01 Phantom, but after a few minutes with the P-07 Duty, my allegiance shifted.  A well balanced polymer frame, nice grip, decocker or manual safety options included & 16 round mags... I'm sold.  While I couldn't pick one up here, I see a trip to KC in my near future!

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