Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Things Thursday

We have 28 days left in Prague.

It's crazy how quickly the past 60 days have dissolved into the ether of our years (Jaime, can you tell it's late?).  But, we're trying to get in as much time as possible while we're here. Up until recently, it's been just too cold to have Cooper out for very long, much less the two of us.  The sun's come out and the wind's not too bitter, so we've been cruising about as a family.  This week there's a Bohemian Carnival going on in the city.  Someone told me it had been going on since the 18th century, but who knows for sure.  It seems the carnival in our neighborhood consists of a small stage, a few folks in period costume and some food vendors.

What I can attest to is the absolute scandal of a food vendor on Old Town Square.  The smell of wood smoke and slowly roasting pork is almost too much to pass up... even for 89Ck for 100 grams with a piece of bread on the side.  But, we were in for the full experience so we placed an order for two plates.  The price came back at 425Ck! That's nearly $25!  Suzi asked twice in Czech and once in English to make sure and then I burst out laughing.  There was no way... no self-respecting townie would pay those prices.  Why the difference?  It's 89Ck per 100 grams... and the guy cutting the meat just whacks off whatever he feels.  Needless to say we got one small plate.  And I gotta admit... I'd probably pass it up for Dad's spiral-cut,  funeral ham.

The redeeming factor of the day was the juggling act who had a great time whirling knives and flaming torches and engaging the hapless maids and gentlemen of the audience.  Unfortunately, the first time we stopped to see him, Cooper got totally freaked out... like silent-scream-style... and we had to leave.  I came back and caught another act while they took a walk through town.

A couple of nights ago, Jaromir and Misa stopped by with some salmon they'd been harboring in the freezer.  None of our freezers are big enough as it is, but when he rolled out a full-blown fish (not some fillet!) I understood why they wanted it gone!  Curry potatoes and spinach were on the side and we ate well.  With good friends.  As it should be.

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