Monday, June 7, 2010

One Final Appointment

Suz had an appt with Dr. Azar and his assistant for a final meet & greet.  She was declared "in great health" and the Doc was happy to see the very healthy boy he delivered a month and change ago.  I have to say, I'm grateful for the lead to Dr Azar and the team at Jordan Hospital.  We came to Jordan this time with very little in the way of expectations or even understanding.  This was going to be a whole new ball game due mainly to that little guy kicking around in his mama's belly.
We didn't know what to expect as far as doctors and maternity wards went.  We didn't even know a doctor to call.  There's no shortage of hospitals in our neighborhood.  In fact, one of them reflects the sun in a bluish haze from its monstrous facade into our courtyard every afternoon.  But which was right for us?  Would there be a language barrier?  How big would the cultural barrier be?  We knew the cost wouldn't be as exorbitant as the States, but where would the money come from?
The questions built up, but slowly the answers came.  In this medical society, the Doctor knows best.  He gives you info when he decides you're ready for it or when he's ready to move on to a next step.  This is NOT the way we operate.  Call it a Western mindset or just our hyper-organizational tendencies, we want the facts up front.  But this is the type of place you can call for an appointment with a specialist and be told, "This morning is pretty busy.  Can you come this afternoon?"  We didn't know which hospital we'd have Cooper in until a few weeks before the due date.  Things just happen at a different speed than we were used to.  You adjust and go with the flow knowing it'll work out.
Dr. Azar's medical knowledge is par excellence.  Our trust in him was sealed when he expertly inserted Suzi's epidural with finesse and very little pain.  The hospital staff was professional and, to a degree, personal.  When we went home that Friday afternoon with our own little bundle of joy, we might not have known every trick or technique we needed, but we were happy with the outcome.  We'd moved to the Middle East.  We'd found a doctor and a hospital.  We'd had a healthy baby.  Alhamdulillah (Thanks be to God)

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