Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chef Scott

On the very off-chance that you're anything like me, there's nothing worse than an interesting industry rag full of tips and tricks you've never heard of and gadgets for stuff you didn't even know existed.  Once, while on a weekend jaunt to our dear familial relations in O'Fallon, a Cook's Illustrated casually gracing the nightstand caught my eye.
Evil repository from the pits of a well-organized pantry of distraction!
Did I want a subscription?  Yes!
Did I want to stay up all night thumbing through the beguiling pages of sketches and reviews from the last three years?  A thousand times YES!
I don't cook.  I wish I did and did it well.  I actually pulled off a Mexican Cornbread recipe from the Lodge a few days ago, however short of removing the outer wrapper and preheating to 375, my skills don't go too far.  Sure, I can throw some meat on a grill and come out with something edible, but really creating is just a tad beyond my reach.
I once stood in Vito's kitchen as he fried some garlic in olive oil, poured it over some fresh pasta and, without any garnish, blew me away with the simplest flavor.  It's the chemistry... the science with a dash of art that makes great cooks shine in simple kitchens.
I love all the cooking shows that pit creativity against time and show off the amazing skills of talented people.  I go through spurts where it's all take-out and to-go boxes.  Thankfully, that's cheap & easy to do here.  But then, I can't take another thing home... I want to build it myself.  I want to create that flavor and savor succulent success. Unfortunately, when I do try, Suz has prepped, eaten and cleaned off the table of her meal before I get finished slicing and dicing mine.
Another item for the bucket list... Chef.

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