Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Change Artist

Yep... sometimes you gotta just go with what gets given to you... like baby stuff!  This week, some of Suzi's English students unloaded a boatload (well, maybe a dinghy) worth of gear, clothes and furniture on us.  Of course, that called for a quick run back to the mall on the last day to return that Moses basket I waxed poetic about last week... but, hey, sometimes function trumps art... and on our budget, that's nearly every time!  We're grateful for their generosity.  Speaking of the Art Dept, Suz did a little surfing and taught herself to make origami cranes for a mobile over the McBaby's bed... never cease to be amazed by my girl!
In about two weeks, we're going to have a baby.  We don't hide the fact there's some apprehension, a few unanswered questions, but a whole lot of anticipation.  Tomorrow we go to see Dr. Azar to check out the hospital and run some tests on the Incubator.  The clock's running out over here and we're about as ready as we're gonna get.  I'm curious how our schedule will move around this new-found bundle of fun.  I know you "make it work" and have to "re-prioritize," but just what form that takes will prove interesting.  The specter of constant sleep deprivation looms a bit large in my mind.  Of course, it's 1AM and I'm sitting here, bleary-eyed, ironically commenting on loss of sleep... perhaps a nap is in order!

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