Sunday, March 14, 2010

These are the Days...

There are days, any pastor will tell you, that you want to hang up your blue suede shoes, unhook the Thompson Chain and simply walk away.  There are others when you're reminded of the reason, as my pastor always said, "We're in the People Business."

Last week, we finally got the chance to dedicate Natali Reid with Jeremy & Shandrika.  I've seen a few baby dedications in my time, but this one required direct participation!  I did my research, pulled together some resources, asked some protocol questions and hit the pulpit with the prayer I'd get it right by dismissal.

I'm not going into a run-down of my sermon notes or the awesome move of God that happened at the end of service, but I had a catch in my throat as I called those parents up front.  These guys left Sri Lanka to make a life for themselves and in the process have two darling creations.  While Jeremy never smiles in any picture I've taken with him, he has a soft heart and a fighter's spirit.  We love their family dearly... good people... and they're just four of the many reasons we get up every morning.  There IS a Cause... and I'm happy to be in the midst of it.

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Ron and Jerry Ann Guidroz said...

Love to read your blog. Thanks for sharing this.
Would like to hear some news of how Suzi and the little one are doing. Have not seen any updates in a long time. Is everything ok?