Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting Dr. Azar

Today, thanks to Nabil & Deborah, we met Dr. Azar at Jordan Hospital (the one across from Plaza for those who know). He's a Stanford-educated OB-GYN with 35 years of experience doing the baby thing. He ran an ultrasound, discussed Suzi's records from America and confirmed our due date as April 15th. He was professional with a dry sense of humor... a perfect match for us. We'll see him again just before Christmas for another tag-in.

We figured Suzi would need a few more blood tests once we got here and he concurred. We popped over to the lab to get poked and were grateful to find a friendly staff and fairly short wait. Because I never seem to remember my blood type, I got poked as well... hopefully I'll remember from now on as that look on my face says, "If I pass out you're gonna have to carry me to the cab and we all know that's gonna be awkward for everyone."

Or something like that.

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