Monday, November 16, 2009

Amman International Fellowship

This weekend, Suzi & I were installed as pastors of the Amman International Fellowship. AIF reaches out to the international community in Amman. We have specific services & Bible Studies focused on the Sri Lankan & Filipino communities, as well as services in English that have multiple nationalities in attendance. It's common to have 10 or more different cultures represented in our Friday service.
On Friday we have a Sinhalese service and an international service (translated into Sinhalese) at the church. We also host a Filipino Bible study at the fellowship house. On Sundays, we have a Filipino Bible study at the fellowship house and an international service at the church.
We're grateful to have an awesome team here. We have Filipino men that are reaching out to their coworkers and Sri Lankan translators that host prayer meetings in their homes. Our fellowship house gives Filipinas a safe place to camp out on their off day.
AIF is part of nearly 30 years of ministry in Amman. We're honored and excited to be a part of that deep history. We're expecting to see amazing things happen. The Lord (quite literally) only knows whats going to happen during our 12 month stay here and, later on, what our future holds. Since we've put our lives in His hands, that's all we need to know for now...

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Tammy said...

Praise God! That is awesome news and we couldn't think of a better couple for them to appoint. Blessings, The Aslesens (Chicago, IL)