Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sir, put down the cheesecake and back away from the table...

Read & weep. Like I do when I step on that menacing platform.

210 lbs.

And I've enjoyed every ounce. EVERY SINGLE OUNCE!

When we came home in June, I was a happy 185 (at one point I was as low as 175). That means I've packed on an astonishing 25lbs in 4 mos. But this is the cycle it seems I've adopted. Binge on luscious fried green beans, heavy TexMex, pound cake (what an ironic name) and then purge once I get back to the field. Undoubtedly, I'll pick up a bug of sorts, spend a week in the white room and drop a few pounds pretty quick. The rest of it will drop off due to increased time on my feet and some healthy diet that Suzi will surreptitiously slip me onto without me being any wiser.

In the mean time, I've got a few more weeks before we head back... and I see some chicken fried steak in my future!

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