Monday, August 31, 2009

It's pretty real...

Now, before I go into this, remember that I'm a gearhead from way, way back. That being said...

I thought the ultrasound machine was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

The room's all dark, there's LED lighting over the bank of controls and LCD screens on the walls... it was like being in a studio. Suz gets all comfy and the technician does her thing and... nothing. The big LCD screen pops up with swirls of light and dark, then big patches of dark and small patches of light and the whole time I'm thinking, "Do I need one of those LED lights for my keyboard?"

Then the tech's voice gets a little giddy note to it. She taps a few clicks here and there in the swirls of light and dark... viola! There's our kid!

All 1 cm or so of it.

Now, I know it looks like our li'l one is wearing a hoody, but that round thing you're seeing there isn't the head... it's the yolk sack. And by measuring that blob attached to the sack, the tech changed our due date out to April 15, 2010.

So, impressive machinery. Oh, and impressively small kid... at least for now.

The Doctor talked to us very seriously about different tests that would tell us everything including the planet our extraterriestial came from and which mineral would cause it to lose it's powers. Then we did the blood draws. Count 'em... FIVE vials. Somebody counted, I guess, while I contemplated a year-old copy of Contempary Home. See, I don't do blood very well. But the nurse was excited to get in on the blog action and since she was really sweet to Suzi we obliged.

Speaking of the lady, she's doing OK. Heavy emphasis on the "OK." I ask, quite frequently, and that's what I get. A shrug and an "OK." More often than not it's accompanied by a grimace. No weird food desires, but grilled chicken is totally off the menu. Guys, think about having the flu for 4 weeks straight. You're just nauseous enough to want to stay in bed, but not quite enough to take you over the top and into the toilet. And everyone keeps telling you how long they'd been sick or their sister-in-law and you think, "Uhg... that gives me no hope." And discreet plastic bags go everywhere with you and you have to be ready pull over to shoulder real quick like. Just in case.

And all the time you keep telling yourself, "This kid better change the world or at least make it through high school without getting arrested or something..."


Polly Rippel said...

Wait till it is time for your child to learn how to drive. That was not my favorite time. Andrew will be 17 tomorrow Sept. 2. I was glad he was the last to learn how to drive, but he is better than his brothers and sister. Maybe my nerves were shot from riding with the rest, so it seemed he was a better driver.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It does get better :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you!! You two are so inspirational! God Bless You!! You are in my prayers!
C Blash