Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes, We Can!

There's always been that nagging question... do we or don't we?  Several years ago, it was decided, after waaay too much discussion that we'd table the conversation until Suzi turned 35.  Well, this is the year we both hit the magic number and it was time... In July we decided to look for a "Go / No Go" signal for launch.  It seems we got the Go signal and in the oddest way! 

Last Friday, Suzi was scheduled to give my mom a perm and those in the industry know that pregnant women can't handle those caustic chemicals.  Suzi decided to check (just in case) and she called me in from working outside, saying, "I need to talk to you... NOW."  So, standing there in bathroom, we stared, dumbstruck, at that little "plus" sign.  After rereading the instructions three times and comparing all the possible indicators, she had to withdraw from the perm process... much to my mother's delight!

On Tuesday, the folks in lab coats made it official.  We're due April 5, 2010!

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Tati said...

I'm sure excited!!