Monday, September 14, 2009

Get Your Head In the Boat

I've been dragging my boat around on the roof of the truck for a week now, hoping I can jump in the water for a bit.  Those faithful readers know that I'm not a rough water guy, but do fancy a trip around the lake to relax.  This afternoon I had a few minutes and decided to head over to Rothwell Lake for a half hour while Suz went for a walk w/ Shannon.

With a steady rhythm I crossed the lake in about 10 minutes.  I bounced around the far corner for a bit (and found a ConAgra duffel bag floating near shore...weird).  As I headed back to the boat ramp, I realized my neck muscles were tightened up.  I was developing a typical tension headache... all the while doing what I thoroughly enjoy.  It became obvious that my body was engaged with the boat, but my mind was far from the lulling dip and pull of the paddle.

Odd, isn't it?  How can we relax if we don't... relax?  Now, I usually don't take this approach on this forum, but it begs to be said.  For those of us who profess a belief in Christ and His overarching ability to carry all things (easy yokes, light burdens, et al), how many times are we eager to relax in the safety of His everlasting arms only to check our watch, nod a quick "thanks a bunch" and hit the road... carrying what we should have left at His feet?

Our body might be in the boat, but our head (heart) is far from Him.

This week, I'm gonna get my head in the boat.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, I would love to join you!! I might try to do something like that at Red Bluff. I would just hope all is OK there! Pa,