Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby In Prague

While Mom and Dad were in Prague, we took a trip outside the city to do some visiting.  We wanted Suzi and Cooper to go with us, but didn't have the required safety seat.  Jaromir did some searching and came up with Baby In Prague.  I've never been more impressed with such a service.

The website is informative and clear.  The prices are competitive considering the services provided and, best of all, they deliver!  My emails were promptly returned and when I called, Petra answered with a friendly nature that's still working its way into Czech customer service.  The seat was top-notch Mothercare and spotless to boot (we tried, a bit unsuccessfully, to return it in such a fashion).  The delivery and pickup was effortless.

According to Petra there are services such as hers in other cities, but since we're only 11 months into childhood, we haven't had the need to search them out.  Good for her for stepping into a much needed niche market and supplying top-drawer service.

Seriously, I can't go on about this enough.

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