Friday, April 15, 2011

April Photo shoot

We've documented Cooper on a monthly basis for the first 12 months... there's debate on whether it'll continue for another six months and then break to every quarter... I'm assuming when he's 15 he's not going to be like, "Hey Dad, it's time for my monthly photo shoot!  Can I pick the props this time?"

I know it looks like he's hamming for the camera, but any photog worth his light meter will tell you kids can be a whine-fest of creative killing muck.  This shoot was the cake topper.  We've learned this time around not to take him anywhere for the first time and try to shoot.  He's too interested in what's going on around him to focus.  He didn't want anything to do with the camera... just get him a stick and in the water... Pronto!  Speaking of sticks, my fave of the whole bunch follows below.  What you don't see is Suz grabbing for the stick going, "Yucky, Cooper! We don't chew on sticks!"  But it makes fantastic memories... and that's what it's about!

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