Monday, February 14, 2011

And then... he did!

So, Saturday night I had this crazy dream in which Cooper was standing in our apt and then took off running.  And there was pandemonium as we grabbed cameras trying to capture him taking his first steps.  I kept saying, "Hurry! He might not do it again!"  (Cooper has a tendency to perform a task (rolling over, etc) and then not do it again for months.)

Yesterday, after we all got settled back home from service, Suzi mentioned that Cooper might have taken a couple of "stumbly" steps during church.  But one can never be sure since he was "baby dancing" (you know, that bobbing thing they do) and then lurched forward like a tree falling in the forest.  Does a tree walk in the forest if there's no one to document it?  Exactly.  There needs to be proof.

A few minutes later, she's yelling for me to "get in here quick" 'cause Cooper had done it again!  A few more trots around the coffee table and the kid did it for sure.  From my mom's recollection, I stood at 9 months and walked at 10 months.  As it should be, my li'l guy is already outperforming his pops.

So, maybe there was a bit of jumping about to celebrate... and I may have even gotten a li'l misty about those hesitant steps into the future.  Of course, then we broke out the camera to get something on tape... and while it wasn't as amazing as the first time, it's still fun stuff to watch.

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