Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Things Thursday

You've got a week & two days left.

Have you finished shopping?  Better yet, have you considered the whole reason this whole Thing is going on?  Hint: It ain't about the tree or stuff under it...

So, happy Thursday... for those attending Festive Work Gatherings, I give you iStockphoto's Corporate Holiday Announcements.  A little parody for the soul... I think my fave might be the fine print at the bottom of the Dharma Poster.

And since we're all in the Christmas spirit here's Sasha trimmin' the tree and, um... other signs of the impending season that's upon us.  Anyone else wanna get zipped up in a sleeping bag with arms and legs?  Cooper's look there can be translated as follows:

"I'm a broken man... resigned to the fate that dogs my path.  Not only must I wear clothes, but I must wear ridiculous outerwear, as well, not to mention the Seat of Torment every time we leave the house."

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