Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SUZI: A Little More Perspective

My mom bought Cooper a cute little book called "The Car Trip" by Helen Oxenbury.  It's a tale about a young boy and his parents.  And you guessed it...they're going on a trip in the car.  The pictures do a great job showing both the boy's and the parents' perspective. While the boy is growling like a lion and making faces at the passing cars, his parents are a bit annoyed and trying to concentrate on driving; the boy's asking for candy while the dad tries to pay for gas; the boy goes to the bathroom while the mom stands with him on the side of the road amidst trash and thorns while the wind from passing semis blows her hair everywhere.  
 Then the boy gets sick in the car and the vehicle breaks down while it is raining and has to be towed back home.  You can imagine the parents' weariness from the long day.  But the boy announces to his friends that "today was the best car trip ever!"  
Perspective, folks.  It's all about perspective.  The next time you're out with your kids and you have to fetch their lost balloon from that tree or you have to drive around three more times because you're lost or you have to fish that dropped quarter out of some crevice, remember that they could just be having the time of their lives.

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