Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving... and Beyond!

To catch you eager readers up, yes, we made it back to the States in good condition and with all our gear intact.  Which is amazing considering the amount of stuff we ended up taking... 3 crates, 2 large suitcases & 4 carryons... plus some redvines and a bag of Dorritos that only recently got finished off.  We knew coming into Chicago that it would be a bit colder, but the snow coming down as we drove out of the airport was a very nice touch... welcome back!
Thanksgiving in STL included a ton of family and a carrot soufle, corn cassaroule and pork roast to die for... it was nice to hook back up with everyone including a cousin (Jennifer) who brought books for young son that we'd read together as kids ourselves... total memory lane experience.  Since we're an international family, Suzi's parents do T-Day a few days later (usually on a Saturday) and watching MU throw away a perfectly good cross-border game was tempered only by a tasty Hy-Vee turkey at Suzi's sister's place in Columbia.
The rest of our time home so far has been shuffled tween family & errand running and quick trip to MI to see Adamaya... which needs another entry all to itself.  It's terribly nice to be home, albeit, our hearts & minds are floating somewhere over Gulf...
Given some time later this month, we'll throw up some pictorial essays on the site and few webcasts that never made it out of the can while we were onsite.  Our year-end newsletter is out... if you didn't get it, let us know! 

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