Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Nite in Amman

Here’s a few pix from our trip to the Gulf.  We’ll post some more to our site later when we have time to cull thru the masses we took over the past few months!
Scott gives direction to Adam while Suzi brightens our corner of the world w/ a bounce.
The Burj is a classic shot from Dubai... but it’s eclipsed by everything else these days.
We’re back in Amman... but only for the night.  We made it in for me to preach at the Sunday evening service.  Adamaya hit the road for MI this evening (don’t envy their trip... 4 legs in 48 hours!).  We’ll be out bright and somewhat early Monday morning for the States... it’s been a great 7 mos in the Middle East. 

We’ll be back... Insha’Allah!

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