Thursday, October 2, 2008

How many nails does it take?

So, September kicked off quite nicely as I pulled up at the office to find that one of the Camry's tires was pretty low.  Thinking we could just throw some air at it and keep rolling, we had our meeting and came back out to leave... only to find the thing was pretty much flat as a katayef.  So, we did the quick and dirty task of being our own pit crew (thank the Lord for a full-size spare!).

Amazingly, the tire guy found 3 nails of various sizes in the tread!  There were already two patches in the tire, making for a total 5.
Now, fast-forward to the end of the month... I ran out to the Embassy to drop off our Absentee Ballot registration (don't want to miss THIS election!) and thought the handling was a bit squishy.  Sure enough, the same tire was going flat!  Another quick-change and trip to the tire guy who pulled out Exhibit B:
Craziness... Who knows where this stuff comes from...?

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