Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Photoshoot

In the waning days of fall... before the winter winds blow and the snow falls, we FINALLY got a family photoshoot.

I say FINALLY because I'm always convinced I can shoot one myself and Suzi is convinced that I can't. It's very difficult for me to not DIY it... I mean, I'm a shooter at heart. I love taking pictures. I've got all the gear. All we have to do is set up the camera and I'll fire it off with a remote.


So... So not right. For anyone who's struggled to get a selfie framed just right, you know my frustration. The back and forth to the camera for "just one more shot; if you can tilt your head this way..." Those endeavors usually end in tears. And Cooper's not too happy, either.

Take it from experience... It just doesn't work to do your own shoots.

And so finally one of us (specifically Suzi) said, "I've scheduled a photoshoot." To my surprise, it was great. I had to completely disconnect all creative thought and let Erin White make the calls. She met us at a spot she scouted before, she brought props and provided direction. In 30 minutes we had our shoot done and less than a week later, Erin sent the digital copies of our pictures.

Easy Peasy...

So here's
my quickie review:
Erin's is a classically-trained, part-time shooter (meaning she's got a day job) with an eye for light-hearted creative flair. She'll quickly connect with her client and work fast to get your product turned around. Pricing is very reasonable. Two thumbs up!

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