Saturday, September 27, 2014

The 1st Helo Ride

Every parent worth their diaper bag loves sharing new experiences with their kids. When Moberly's Chamber of Commerce hosted a fly-in at the airport, I was determined to get Cooper there and into something flyable.

He, of course, was tired and wanted lunch and a nap.

We'd just wrapped up my duties for the United Way Born Learning trail ribbon cutting. I knew we were cutting it close, but can't we all just work together here!?!

(BTW... It was Cooper's first official Chamber ribbon cutting event... a minor, economic development detail completely lost on him.)

We drive like banshees to the airport, with a side trip to Breaktime for drinks to stave off starvation and for Dad to get hard currency... Only to arrive and find ALL THE FLIGHTS WERE BOOKED.

Weeping, gnashing of teeth, full-out fit throwing ensured.

Cooper seemed disappointed, too. 

But he quickly got interested in the nearby, wide open, empty hanger. I looked for a dark hole in which to bury my son's unmet aviation dreams.


Yeah. That's what I meant.

I leave the registration table and notice the booth. I wrangle a deal with the money guy and we're finally in line. My dreams are intact. Cooper's content to suck down a Bug Juice and squint through the noon glare at everyone else doing their thing.

It was a $40, ten-minute flight to get the following shot and hear him use a headset for the first time. I'd pay it again. Twice. Thanks to the Chamber and their volunteers for making memories in the Magic City!

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