Monday, November 12, 2012

SUZI: Window Seat on a Whale

We have a picture of a fountain in Rome right by the kitchen counter where we sit a lot.  It’s a great photo that Scott took while we were there several years ago, and we had it blown up and printed on canvas.  I’ve told Cooper about it for a long time, and I frequently tell him that one day he and I can go to Rome together.  And I usually add with a smile, “Do you think we should ask Dad to come with us too?”  To which, of course, he gives an emphatic yes.

A few weeks ago when we were traveling to Appleton, Wisconsin, for a conference, I was telling him the name of the city and state so it would be familiar to him.  Except he kept announcing that we were going to Rome.  He also loves to pretend that he’s going on trips.  He takes his little Spiderman “suitcase” (a metal lunchbox), fills it with odds and ends and proceeds to march to the living room while announcing that he’s going to Rome.

So it wasn’t too surprising today when I was changing his diaper that he demanded that we go to Rome…right now.  I explained that it would take a long time to get there and that we would have to take an airplane.  His forehead scrunched a bit.  He wasn’t sure about that.  Not because he doesn’t like to fly (because he does), but because he didn’t realize it would take so long.  You could see great delight when his next idea came along…”I know!  Let’s walk."

He was thrilled that he had come up with a better way.  Hmmmm… “Yeah, but that would take even longer.  And we’d have to swim across the ocean too.”  Cooper’s biggest concern about that?  He didn’t know where his swimsuit was.

Gotta love the reasoning of a two year old.

In the end, he decided we’d ride a whale across the ocean.

That would definitely cut down on the travel time, don’t you think?

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