Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's over SIGG, I'm going Kleen...

Back in '04, Suzi & I were living in Prague.  I was window shopping at one of the ubiquitous outdoor sports stores in the city (Czechs love playing outside, camping, skiing, etc.) when I came across my next obsession: aluminum SIGG Bottles. The fact they were Swiss made them all the more desirable.  Over the years, I collected a variety of sizes & shapes, although usually always red or black.  And over the years, SIGG made changes.  They dealt, poorly, with the BPA issue and re-engineered the bottle's interior coating, going through a couple of iterations to get to the current version.  I stuck with SIGG through all of this. 

Suzi carried one of the original 10 oz, solid color bottles.  Then they quit making them for adults.  All you could get were Hello Kitty or Matchbox cars.   When her's starting tasting weird, we sent it back and received a new one... with a different coating... and then she went shopping for something new.

Enter Kleen Kanteen.   It had a wider mouth.  It was food grade stainless steel instead of aluminum, thus no coatings.  But it wasn't as sleek as the SIGG.  And it wasn't Swiss. I wasn't switching, I said... grumbling to myself every time Suz took it out of her purse.  Once I pick a brand, (cars, cameras, etc.) I stick with it.  And I want all products under my influence to match.

Then my latest (white) SIGG started shedding it's lining.  One day I washed Suzi's Kleen Kanteen and was shocked at how easy it was.  The wide mouth and stainless steel interior became very appealing.  The kicker was when I went looking for an insulated bottle this summer.  SIGG just didn't have one.

I looked at elegant bottles (like S'well, OMW... simply gorgeous bottles) but couldn't find anything with the wide mouth of the Kanteen.  Last week, after trying to scrub out my 64oz SIGG, I quit.  I ordered three Kanteens to start over.  Two insulated and one non-insulated... plus a sweet bamboo/stainless cap for Suz.

The first week, I'm loving it.  Kanteen's running a sale that gets you a cafe lid & loop lid together.  My black insulated bottle works like a charm... no condensation, still cold hours later, the whole nine yards.

So, that's consumerism for ya'... SIGG brought me into the reusable bottle camp and then didn't meet my needs.  So, I went shopping...

Fickle, perhaps, but I'm a happy boy again!

EDIT: As I was writing this, I googled insulated bottles and came up with Hydroflask.  They also have a wider mouth and then have food flasks to boot... very cool.

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