Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Leftovers Are Not Your Future

Tonight I made some fries for dinner.  It was spur of the moment to go with some fridge cleaning we were doing for supper.  For the record, I also had a grilled cheese sandwich with chicken & smoked Gouda on Suzi's homemade bread.

Quite Delicious.

So, here's my story... You know those fries at the bottom of the box... the ones that are dinky and overly crunchy?  That's what was left on my plate at the end of the meal.  I was absentmindedly reaching for one when I realized there were more, fatter, satisfying fries still in the kitchen... warm and waiting for me to finish them off.

I didn't need to settle for the piddly stuff.  The good stuff was waiting for me to stand up and get it.

Now, it's not often you hear someone wax philosophical about french fries, but I've hooked you so far...  so here goes:

How many times do you settle for the junk at the bottom when you could have had the best... or at least much better?

Did you think you didn't deserve it?  Or worse, were too tired or apathetic to make the effort to reach a little farther?  I don't have to settle for the edges of life.  You don't either.  You can live in the richness of it.  Whether that means cheering from the stands or lunging victoriously across the field depends on your preferred position... but no matter where you are, don't be satisfied with the dregs of the experience.

Suzi's the coffee drinker in our Pack of 3.  She's got Cooper convinced the black stuff is tasty so she can have a drinking buddy.  She'd drink the hard stuff when we were overseas.  The kind with the grounds in the bottom of the cup.  You couldn't swig that stuff down or you'd end up with a mouthful of gunk.  If you wanted more, you'd have to waggle the cup and your host would fill it back up.

Whether you're on a spiritual journey or dealing with the harsh light of physical reality, this week you should drink deeply and then stop. And ask for another cup... don't think for a moment that the grounds are the end of your road.  There's better out there... and more of it to keep you satisfied.

Who knew French fries could be... soul satisfying.

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