Monday, April 12, 2010

eBay... No more?

I got this email from a company I've purchased audio gear from in the past.  I have no qualms about posting it here for you, faithful reader, in case you want some dirt cheap guitar cables or a Behringer mixer.  The call to action is rather compelling... don't shop our eBay store... we can sell it cheaper at home.  He even tells us he spent $16,000 in '09 on fees... of course, he neglects to tell us what he made, but at the quoted 15-18%, that's just north of $100K.

This begs the question... Is eBay on the way out?  Have they priced themselves out of the market with fees?  I've made a nice amount selling on eBay in the past.  I know whenever I'm shopping for minor stuff (mic covers, cables, lens filters, etc) I always start with eBay.  I usually end up at Amazon or some industry site for more high-end gear, but eBay's a decent bellwether for what the market will support for new/used anything... from transmissions to telephony.  For what it's worth, I did hop over to 5150's site just to see if there was something that piqued my interest.  You never know when an extra XLR to 1/4" adapter may come in handy.

And, yes, I did just use bellwether in a sentence.

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