Friday, July 3, 2009

Running it out...

Ever had a cramp in the leg and someone suggested you "walk it off?" What happens when you're on a horse and your hip cramps up? What do you do then? "Whoa, there... Let me hobble around here for a bit while the rest of the ride goes on ahead!"
The cramp worked its way out and I stayed with the ride as we trotted around the New Mexico landscape last weekend. We were up for my cousin's (Stuart) wedding in Los Alamos. Amazing country... absolutely amazing history as well. Bonnie took us to visit a family whose house is certified to be circa 1760... but they have records going back into the 1600s!
The wedding was nice, seeing family was great and the ride was, well, a harsh 30 hours roundtrip... but we did it and have pictures to prove it! Click here to goto my Facebook album to get all the views.

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