Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Another Week...

We're headed into our last week in Jordan. The group pictures have begun in earnest!

It seems almost amazing that four months has passed so imperceptibly. There's been no shortage of projects and issues to devote our time toward... what we've produced only time will judge.

The weekend began innocently enough, although Jordanian traffic took one last swipe at us on Saturday. Thanks to Muteib, I've learned the power of rubbing compound and was able to clean up the worst of it.

Then the evening found me under the familiar grip of a sickness that's all too common in these parts of the world. Again, ending as I began this trip in 2008 (involuntary weight loss... what better way to go home)!

We've gone through the transition of finances, personnel, processes, etc with Linda Reed, our supervisor, who returned last week. The coming week will be full of last minute craziness, packing (which Suzi has already started) and more incoming personnel from the States.

This past week, I attended my last OWWA Bible Study. We had a great time and many of the girls were ministered to... This group of ladies is so special to us. We hope that when we return, they'll all be gone to their respective homes. While they're in this state of flux, we do what we can to provide some sense of balance, love and compassion. They're just precious, quick to laugh and, with soft hearts, to worship, as well.

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